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MBChB (UCT , summa cum laude); FRCPCH (London); MSc (Clin Pharm) (Univ Surrey, with distinction); Diploma Paed Nutrition (London ), Diploma in Allergy (Southampton) , PhD (Paediatric allergy), FAAAI

Claudia Gray is a paediatrician with subspecialist accreditation in allergology. She undertook her medical degree at the University of Cape Town, graduating as top overall medical student with a summa cum laude. She then went on to specialize in paediatrics, paediatric allergy and paediatric clinical pharmacology in London. She returned from the United Kingdom to settle in Cape Town with her family in 2009, when she undertook a PhD looking into eczema and food allergy. This unique combination of training and experience allows Claudia to offer comprehensive management of a wide range of paediatric and allergic disorders.

Claudia maintains her academic ties as a part time allergy consultant at Red Cross Children’s Hospital, and an Associate Professor of Paediatrics at the University of Cape Town.

Claudia has been a member of the Executive Committee of the Allergy Society of South Africa since 2012. She is also an active Director of the Allergy Foundation of South Africa.

Claudia has over 70 publications in the fields of allergy and pharmacology in local as well as high-impact international journals, and presents regularly at local as well as international conferences. She is on the editorial team of the journal “Current Allergy and Clinical Immunology” and a proud co-editor of the new 2017 ALLSA allergy text book. Claudia is a regular examiner at the postgraduate Diploma in Allergy and Allergy Fellowship exams.

Claudia has a deep passion for empathetically diagnosing and managing patients, and absolutely loves dealing with children of all ages! When not working or researching or editing, she enjoys partaking in a variety of sports, dancing, writing children’s stories (not much time for this currently!) and spending plenty of “Mama time” with her 4 wonderful children.

Recent Publications

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